Crypto Rocky 

I'm a experienced Crypto-Consultant, Projectmanager and
Smart-Contract (Solidity) Developer.

Asset 1@3x 1


Helping good crypto projects is my passion.

I can answer the open questions in a crypto project and help you to plan your crypto startup from the beginning
I have already been able to successfully develop smart contracts for various crypto-projects according to their needs.
I have many important contacts in the crypto scene who offer me their services at top prices, which I am happy to pass on to the projects


Project References

My role in this project is to advise the gold miner community on crypto topics and the linking of the goldclaim with their crypto-token. 

Also, I developed the WB-Mining smart contract with special features like configurable fees for reflections, team wallet, liquidity pool acquisition and autoburn. 

Last but not least, I helped rebuild the website to make it suitable for the crypto scene.

I’m the owner of
Many people get scammed in the crypto space and that’s why I founded
With this tool, anyone can check a crypto project for red flags.
My role in this project is the conception, development of the website and development of the Chrome Browser Extension.


Any questions? Please contact me!